Friday, June 29, 2012

Gigi and Thunder Hit the Road!

Gigi, that's me.  Thunder would be my other half.  Our kids like to call him Captain Thunder because he was an airline pilot.   Let me back it up here.  One son called him The Captain.  When the other son had our first grandchild and we were asked what we wanted our grandparent names to be he said Thunder.  Gigi evolved from Granny Guyla.  Thunder doesn't like to be called Captain Thunder.  He thinks it sounds like a super hero's name.  He IS my super hero so I kind of like it:)

For many years we've dreamed of retirement and hitting the open road to tour America and be free of the shackles of home ownership and responsible community membership....dreaming of sitting outside our RV listening to the birds and not thinking about all the other things we SHOULD be doing.  Retirement isn't quite here but we're getting one foot into our retirement life style.

The Slingshot from Crossroads will be our home away from home.  At 27 feet its kind of cozy.  We have NEVER spent time in an RV unless you count the two nights we slept in one that was parked at Thunder's aunt's house in Wisconsin.  We were in our 20's so I don't think it counts.  I don't think ANYTHING done in our 20s should count!

We're in the planning and supplying stage.  Also naming.  I think the Slingshot needs a name.  I'm Gigi, Lola and Guyla.  Then we've got Thunder, The Captain and Gary.  Just doesn't seem right for the trailer to simply be The Slingshot.  Stay tuned to see what we figure out and how we manage it!

Here's the adorable little reason we ARE Gigi and Thunder!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Self Portrait - Rock The Shot

Does anyone like looking at pictures of themselves?  Doing self portraits is hard...hard on the ego.  Hard really LOOKING at the face I see in the mirror everyday.  This.shot was an accident taken as I was trying to get my camera and tripod and me all lined up.  It turned out to be my favorite shot of the day!